It gives me great pleasure to once again form part of the decision-making body of Mandeni Local Municipality, this is a responsibility I take to heart and very seriously.

For the duration of my term in office, I will ensure that I strengthen the cooperation between officials and political office bearers in order to speed up service delivery. Ours is not merely about delegating duties and overseeing if work is done, but it is also about getting our hands dirty.

Over the years, Mandeni has in one voice called for unity and prosperity, this is a call we as the current crop of leaders are willing to pursue. Ours is to become a bridge through which various departments reach our people and provide them with all the services they need.

In line with our vision to become a reliable, people-centred economic hub by 2030, we will roll out numerous programmes, invite investors, ensure peace and stability in order for all our people to succeed in their different fields.

We are also committing to improving the livelihood of our people by providing nonbiased leadership and making decisions for the greater good of Mandeni.

As the speaker of this thriving economic hub, my duties will largely involve but not limited to presiding at meetings of the Council, ensuring that the council meets at least quarterly and most importantly ensure compliance in the council and council committees with the Code of Conduct for Councillors as set out in Schedule 1 of the Municipal Systems Act. These I will do according to the book of laws and putting our people at the summit of everything that we do. Our failure and success will be judged by the number of lives we manage to change

Among other things that I hope to achieve is to encourage the participation of communities and community organisations in the decision-making process of the municipality as well as to develop mechanisms to ensure and monitor the participation of communities in the decision-making process. Community’s input in everything we do will be on top of my agenda.

Personally, my core objective is to reinstate the essence of the people of Mandeni, our pride and love for this beautiful land. I want us to work together towards making sure our Municipality is conducive enough for those who want to open businesses to do so and those who wish to study are able to do so as well.

We all have a role to play in growing and maintaining our goals in line with our vision and policy framework.

In conclusion, I would like to urge all of us to always maintain calmness even during the trying times, ensure the safety of everyone around us.

God Bless


Council Speaker, Cllr. BL Magwaza


SPEAKER: Cllr. BL Magwaza

Functions and duties of the Speaker among other things are as follows: 

1) Presides at meetings of Council 

2) Performs duties and exercise powers delegated to him in terms of the Municipal Systems Act.

3) Must ensure that the Council meets at least quarterly 

4) Must maintain order during Council meetings 

5) Must ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct by Councilors

 6) Must ensure that Council meetings are conducted in accordance with Standing Rules and Orders.

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