Mayor’s Message

Mandeni Municipality has committed 2017 to robust community engagement and economic development for our residents. It is a pleasure to once again have the opportunity to share with you the progress of our Municipality as well as the future projects that we wish to implement this year. The new Council is committed to ensuring that the lives of our communities are enriched and that poverty alleviation remains one of our major mandates.


As Mayor of this beautiful Municipality it evokes deep emotional sentiment to be a part of a Council that is committed to changing the lives of the people we serve. Every member of our Executive Council, Municipal Council as well as our Ward Committees has shown great leadership qualities by committing themselves to the municipality’s educational workshops in order to formally broaden their understanding of service delivery.


We have recently tabled our first draft Integrated Development Plan (IDP) and Budget for the 2017/2018 year. We as a municipality, strongly believe that the IDP and Budget is a people’s budget that is reflective of the needs of the residences of Mandeni. The IDP/Budget for the year 2017/18 is centred by community input which was gathered during community engagements with all our 18 municipal wards.


Infrastructure development remains high on our municipal agenda in the upcoming financial year and soon a sports field will be constructed in ward 14. In addition, the Hlomendlini bus route will be upgraded, the Highview Park internal roads will be rehabilitated and the implementation of electricity projects in areas such as ward 3, 6 9 and 10. We will also be installing 400 streetlights in all 18 wards.


We also plan to rollout housing projects with the assistance of the Department of Human Settlements. These housing projects will include the Mathonsi traditional areas and the Inyoni Housing Project as well as the second phase of the Macambini Housing Project which covers wards 1, 2, 8 and 9. The municipality has also set aside an amount of R4 million to upgrade sports fields like Macambini and Dendethu while also constructing safe recreational facilities.


We are also working hard to empower the youth to become economically independent. We recently held a three day Mandeni Youth Job Summit which was a platform created to empower young people through dialogue and information sharing sessions with different government and private stakeholders. We plan to hold more workshops which will continue to empower young entrepreneurs in Mandeni.


The Municipality is proud to note that 50 matric 2016 learners, were awarded Municipal bursary’s which assisted them to register at tertiary institution in South Africa. We wish them well and hope that once they qualify in their respective career paths they will return to Mandeni and make a contribution in our community.


I would like to thank the people of Mandeni for their continuous support in building a socially cohesive and economically stable municipality which will be a benefit to all who reside in it.



Let us all work together to move Mandeni forward.