Mandeni Municipality commemorates Women’s Month

“The Year of OR Tambo: Women United in Moving South Africa Forward.”

Annually in August, South Africa commemorates women’s month by remembering the historic selfless contribution of women, in protest against the extension of Pass Laws to women. 

The display of strength and unity by the women, on 9 August 1956, cemented women’s role in the fight against the oppressive apartheid government. It showed to the world that women are true activists who do not only belong in the kitchen, but play a critical role in the development of our society.  Speaking at a Women’s Conference in 1990, former struggle icon, Mr Oliver Reginald Tambo once said, “It is the women of South Africa who have played a vital role in the mass mobilization, armed struggle, which together, made possible your meeting openly and legally today. The struggle must now be taken forward to ensure that the gains which have been made lead to further advancements.” 

As we honour and celebrate the significant progress made in empowering women in all spheres of our communities, we must not forget, that the marginalisation of poor women severely compromises progress in many parts of our country. We urge all sectors of our society to stand up and fight the rising scourge of violence against women in our country. Society must work together and make sure that criminals do not undermine government’s efforts of creating a safe and caring society for all despite race, gender or socio-economic circumstances. 

The Mandeni Municipality continues to champion the progress of women and will lead numerous programmes in commemoration of women’s month.

“Malibonge Igama Lamakhosikazi”