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Pastors from different churches praying for Mandeni Local Municipality councillors. 

Mandeni Local Municipality hosted an Exam Prayer at KwaMsindisi Anglican Church on the 16th of October 2019. Various religious groups gathered to call upon the almighty to protect and guide students, especially matriculants during their examinations. Learners from schools within Mandeni Municipality, representatives from the Department of Education and Councillors were present at this important event. 

Speaking at this prayer, Mandeni Local Municipality Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Phindile Sishi cited that this is one of the many initiatives the Municipality rolls out to support students and fight social ills. 

“Throughout the year, we rolled out numerous initiatives such as winter classes to aid students, our Youth Office has always remained open to offer students support. We are trying by all means to offer continued support not only during exams but even during the registration periods, we are gathered here to pray that they do well in their exams” said Sishi.


Deputy Mayor also urged the students to focus on their studies and dedicate all their time in trying to better themselves.

“This is the last hurdle, it is the time to utilize all the information you have gathered throughout the year. Dedicate all your time and energy to studying, as we all know, education is the key to a better life”


Council Speaker, Cllr. Bhekithemba Magwaza also lauded the various religious leaders for availing themselves and praying for safe and successful exams.

“Such gatherings play a crucial role in ensuring that students succeed, they can see all the leaders gathered here and trying to play their part in ensuring they write well during the exams, it goes without saying that a lot is expected from them and hopefully they will deliver”


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