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On 15 June 2021, Mandeni Local Municipality welcomed two new TLB's which will cater for the rural roads of Mandeni on a fulltime basis. This call was made by community members during the IDP meetings.

Mandeni compromises largely of rural areas, during heavy rains and due to frequent use of the roads they get damaged constantly. During the rollout of the 2020/21 Integrated Development Plan meetings, community members urged council to purchase TLB’s to cater for the roads on a fulltime basis. The call has since been answered following the purchase of two state of the arts machinery.

His Worship the Mayor of Mandeni Local Municipality, Cllr. Thabani Mdlalose lauded the Municipal council for keeping its promises to the people of Mandeni.

"More often than not, promises are made but they are never fulfilled, I am happy for the people of Mandeni that they will now have reliable road maintenance services around the clock"

On the ground, work has already commenced with the new fleet being put to task and catering for the people of Mandeni.


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