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29 SEPTEMBER 2021 – Mandeni Local Municipality unveiled a new set of fleets to cater for the greater parts of Mandeni. This move comes as a direct response to the needs of the community members as per our Integrated Development Plan meetings held in various areas and most recently through virtual media due to COVID-19.

Among the fleet that was unveiled is TLB’s, Disaster Management Vehicles, Traffic Control Vehicles, Electrification Project Vehicles and Trucks. The scope of work for the vehicles is as follows:

TLB’s and Trucks: To assist with the maintenance of our rural roads, refurbish and open up new link roads where necessary.

Disaster Management Vehicles: To aid community members during disastrous situations such as fire and flooding.

Traffic Control Vehicles: These vehicles will improve the visibility as well as enforcement of law and order within Mandeni.

Electrification Project Vehicle: This vehicle will assist with the installation and maintenance of street within Mandeni Local Municipality.

Mobile Library: The introduction of this service is aimed at bringing books, study material and internet to the most remote areas from under our Municipality.

Speaking at this event His Worship the Mayor of Mandeni Local Municipality, Cllr. Thabani Mdlalose, urged those who will be responsible for overseeing the new equipment to ensure that it serves the community to its fullest.

“Those who will be using these new additions to our family have a duty to make sure that they utilize them to the best of their abilities, our community needs us and we have to be there for them, especially the ones in rural areas” said Mdlalose.

The rollout plan for using these services has been set and is already in full swing. Community members are also urged to safeguard these new additions as they will play a huge role ensuring that services are conferred timeously.


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